Raw foods are an essential part of the human diet, too often missing from our modern plate. Because we lead such busy lives, its tough to get enough raw food everyday. At Kitz Living Foods, we use only raw ingredients to help you get enough RAW in your life.

Seeds and nuts contain enzyme inhibitors to prevent them from sprouting in dry conditions. That’s good for the seeds and nuts, but not so good for the person eating them. At Kitz, we soak our seeds and nuts in filtered water to ‘activate’, or sprout them. We ‘outsmart’ the defenses of the seeds and nuts by gently removing the phytic acid and other anti-nutrients that make your body work harder to digest and absorb nutrients from the seeds and nuts. This sprouting process improves the bio-availability of vitamins and minerals and enhances the digestibility of our finished products.

All of our products are dehydrated at low temperatures (less than 47°C) to lock in optimal flavour, texture and nutrition.

All of our products are free from: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, soy, peanuts, sesame, fish, shellfish and cane sugar. All of our products are also vegan and raw. We do use tree nuts, but not all of our products contain them. Most of our ingredients are organic. As company policy, we are moving toward 100% Organic! We actively consider the distance an ingredient travels when we think about using it. See the table on the ingredients page which lists all the ingredients we currently use.

Each and every Kitz product is made by hand, lovingly crafted by our dedicated staff of angels. Because our products are made by real people, not machines, you will notice some variation in the product.

Look for a sweet or savoury product here on our site, or visit a health food store near you. With 40 products to choose from, we trust you can find something that appeals to you!

Yours in Good Health,

Scott & Mandy

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