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Healthy Food Ideas and Kitz News

100% Organic and 100% Compostable

It has taken ages, but we finally reached our twin goals of all organic ingredients and all compostable packaging!  Whew!  It has been worth all the extra work and effort to get here.  If anyone wants to speak to our supplier about compostable packaging, I will be happy to share my contacts.  If more of us move away from petroleum  based packaging, then compostable packaging will become 'normal' and we can look back fondly (or incredulously) that we used petroleum to package food. i can dream...

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100% organic ingredients

Starting on 1 August 2015 Kitz will be using all organic ingredients for every one of our products!  We are nearly there now, as we use 124 organic ingredients and 4 conventional.  But soon we will be using 100% organic ingredients, a step on our way to becoming a certified organic producer.  If a product of ours has this lavender label, then it contains only organic ingredients!

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New shapes for our chunks

We are changing our shape!  Enjoy our new bite size shapes in your favourite flavour now.  I just find them tastier!  

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New Coconut Dream

coconut dairy free gluten free organic organic orange vegan

Coconut Dream Orange Cream is now available.  This is our best dream yet.  Yes better than lime.  Made with 100% organic ingredients: coconut, vanilla, brown rice syup and orange oil.  Yum!

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*Organic Dates*

dairy free gluten free Kitz organic raw vegan

~~~Yet another Yummy ingredient enhancement~~~*All our Dates are now Organic!!! There are so many 'Kitz' products containing dates so this is really exciting news!!....another step closer to our manifesting 100% organic Kitz for you! <3 Kitzers

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