How Raw?

 People sometimes ask us how we justify calling our products raw.  It's a good question.  I think reasonable people can disagree on what is raw, and what is 'enough' raw ingredients to deserve the name.

This is a picture of my garden bed last weekend.  I had sprinkled some of our Buckies onto the soil a few days earlier.  Just a bag of finished product chosen from our bin of ready-to-ship products.  They were dehydrated with our usual method, packaged normally too.

As you can see, the cute little buckwheat sprouts emerged.  It has been so satisfying that we plan to see what else we can get to germinate in the backyard!  (If i can keep my kids from eating it first) I will keep you posted on developments. 

So, if your food germinates when you drop it on the ground, does that qualify as raw?

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