Apricot Almond recipe change

 Because our recipe update of Pineapple Pepita was so successful (remember we doubled the amount of pineapple in the recipe!), we decided to improve Apricot Almond the same way.  I really couldn't taste the apricot in this chunk, and i love apricots!  So we increased the apricots, until they were double the old amount.  Even though apricots are not assertive, there is now enough in this chunk that i am satisfied!  We've also changed the base from buckwheat to sunflower seeds, so that it is more like Fig and Macadamia Chunk.

Our taste testers agree it is a success!  We hope you agree too. 

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How Raw?

RECIPE: raw vegan superfood space balls

RECIPE: raw vegan superfood space balls

Two new crackers are ready!


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