Kitz has it all! Delicious and nutritious snacks to suit all tastes and dietary needs.

Kitz has it all!  Delicious and nutritious snacks to suit all tastes and dietary needs.

What started in the family kitchen more than 12 years ago has now flourished into a successful thriving business nationally and internationally. Since then, Kitz Living Foods  has been a pioneer in bringing the message of eating raw & activated products to the Australian consumer.

Owners of Kitz Living Foods, Scott and Mandy together with their children Aila and Rowan have always shared a passion for concocting delicious, nutrient  dense products suitable to everyone’s tastes. 

Working from the family kitchen for the first few years, they slowly built up a customer base that eventually enabled them to move into their first commercial kitchen in 2011.  From this point Kitz grew quickly and today, they now find  themselves in a much larger kitchen in the beautiful Tweed Valley nestled between Byron Bay and the Gold Coast in Northern New South Wales.

This family owned, eco-conscious team of food lovers are committed to delivering healthy, delicious plant-based alternatives into the lives of Australian families. In  their fully HACCP certified factory they can be found having fun concocting new and exciting products to add to their ever growing range. Not satisfied to just talk the talk, the KLF team walk their talk in their 100% green energy-powered  factory using Australian certified organic ingredients as a preference, and all KLF packaging is compostable. They want to lead by example in the hope that more  businesses will realise that you can be ecologically responsible and still be  successful. 

Their philosophy is simple. No artificial anything, ever. The Kitz Living Foods team strive to create highly nutritious food that enhances life through great health and great taste, and equally important every morsel is prepared with love. With more than 50 different products on offer and more than 800 stores stocking the fast moving range nationally, Kitz Living Foods is fulfilling its mission to handcraft great tasting treats that are actually good for you.

Way back when the business was founded, activated and raw products were not something most had ever heard of. Kitz Living Foods led the way in educating consumers about the benefits of activating nuts and seeds for maximum nutrition absorption, and teaching consumers about how to include raw, gluten-free products into their diet in a new and innovative format, like their ever-popular

When considering the Kitz Living Foods range you can be assured that all their products are free from gluten, dairy, wheat, grains, peanuts, yeast, eggs, soy, sesame, fish, shellfish and refined sugar. They do use tree nuts, but not all of their products contain them. Whilst they acknowledge that they are most likely best known for their raw cracker range, they also manufacture many other snack  products, including single-serve bars, raw pizza bases, chunks, coconut dreams, activated nuts, granolas and a few other specialty products. They activate all their nuts and seeds before handcrafting their products to break down the phytates, which ensures their products are easier to digest and the nutrients are more bio-available.

They are specialists in producing snacks that meet the strict requirements of vegans, raw foodies and allergy sufferers, yet are still delicious even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions. Many of their products are also suitable for those following a paleo, ketogenic, low-carb or Ayurvedic diet. This progressive team is always playing with new ingredients, expanding their range to meet the changing
needs of their customers and the market.

Choosing the tastiest and most nutritious snack products can be tough, especially when dealing with food allergies, sensitivities or whilst adhering to a specialised diet. And with our busy lives, who has the time to make everything from scratch?
Their mission is to hand-craft great tasting treats that are actually good for you! 

They are riding a growing wave of awareness where Australians have made the connection between making healthy food choices and the effect that can have on their overall health. Many parents are actively searching for healthier food options for their children. Adults and the elderly are also seeking better choices to  maintain or improve their health.

Their upgraded factory has allowed them to branch out into new product lines – such as their very successful range of single-serve bars – and take on a significant amount of contract manufacturing work. Their in-house product development experts work collaboratively with their contract manufacturing clients
to help them bring their products to life. They work with clients located all over Australia, and even overseas.

The welcome mat is always out for local residents or visitors who are interested in a tour of their facility, so they can see where the magic happens at Kitz Living Foods. As they say, “we love what we do and we want to share it with you.” 

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#behindthebiz | Kitz Living Foods

#behindthebiz | Kitz Living Foods

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