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Healthy Food Ideas and Kitz News — raw

*Organic Dates*

dairy free gluten free Kitz organic raw vegan

~~~Yet another Yummy ingredient enhancement~~~*All our Dates are now Organic!!! There are so many 'Kitz' products containing dates so this is really exciting news!!....another step closer to our manifesting 100% organic Kitz for you! <3 Kitzers

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Lime Sublime now has more lime!

coconut dairy free gluten free Kitz organic organic lime raw vegan

Okay, we listened to your comments and have bumped up the lime in our very popular Coconut Dream Lime Sublime.  After a few people commented that we could raise the limy-ness we had a round of taste testing one day and it was unanimous!  So now you get more lime goodness in every slice.  We are using 100% organic lime oil.

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Raw Pizza Base

activated dairy free dinner tonight gluten free raw raw pizza vegan

Now available, our Raw Pizza Base is ready to go!  You asked for it, and we made it.  Conveniently sold two to a box, each base is a generous serving.  A blank canvas on which to create your pizza.  May i suggest:  Pesto! Marinara! Vegan cheese!  Tomatoes and herbs and olive oil!  Now i'm hungry again...

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Aussie Sunflower Seeds!

activated Australian grown dairy free domestic gluten free organic raw seeds sprouted vegan

We are now using Australian sunflower seeds!  As part of our policy to buy closer to home, we have switched to Aussie sunnies!  They are delicious too. Yay!  Next step, organic Aussie sunnies (which we are investigating).

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New Chewy Choc and Banana Coconut shape

activated dairy free gluten free Kitz new organic raw vegan

We have slightly altered the shape of our popular moist chunks, Chewy Choc Fudge and Banana Coconut!  The new, thinner profile is helping us keep it 'just right' when it comes to moistness.  Fans who love the rich, moist chewy-ness will not be disappointed with the new shape.  The flavours are the same, but the texture is slightly improved.  Our taste testers agree!  We hope you do too...  

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