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Aussie Sunflower Seeds!

October 18 2013
We are now using Australian sunflower seeds!  As part of our policy to buy closer to home, we hav...

Two new crackers are ready!

July 1 2013
 We have two new crackers for your enjoyment, and they are ready now!  We are i...

Apricot Almond recipe change

June 24 2013
 Because our recipe update of Pineapple Pepita was so successful (remember we doubled the am...

How Raw?

June 18 2013
 People sometimes ask us how we justify calling our products raw.  It's a good question.  I think...

Curry Buckwheat and Mexican Buckwheat recipe change

June 4 2013
 Due to popular demand and the responses from our taste testing team here at Kitz we have ...