All of the ingredients we use are certified organic (except the sea salt which is not able to be certified). We actively consider the distance an ingredient travels (food miles) and where possible buy locally, our second choice is regionally. Alas, some things are not grown commercially in Australia, but we prefer local/regional/Australian first!

All of our products are free from: gluten, wheat, dairy, yeast, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish and cane sugar. They are also vegan and raw. We do use tree nuts, but not all of our products contain them.

We are sensitive to the diverse needs of the healthy eater and we strive to have something for everyone. Make sure you check product descriptions for allergen statements and additional points of interest such as 'salt or nightshade-free'.

If you have a specific allergen concern, please contact us at 02 6672 2611 or email and we will address your query as promptly as possible. Many of us at Kitz suffer from food allergies, so we often have the same questions about food that you do!

We hand craft fresh product daily to ensure freshness. Everything is prepared in our commercial kitchen by people that have a passion for quality.

We hope you enjoy our creations!