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New Products-Coming Soon




We are developing more delicious variations of our new coconut bars.  These will be 100% organic ingredients.  Flavours we are playing around with include:

  • Coffee and/or Mocha Coconut Dream
  • Mint Choc Chip Coconut Dream- AVAILABLE IN MARCH 2017



We have a couple of new crackers coming down the track.  Recently we introduced our new round Dulse and Spirulina Raw Pizza Base, which is sold as two raw 175mm crackers in a box.  These two single serve crackers make a great base for a raw pizza meal, but you will need to invite a friend!  This new flavour has all the green power of our Fresh Herb Dulse and Spirulina Crackers!  

Additional flavours will include:

  • Garlic Lover's Raw Pizza Base
  • Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Raw Pizza Base- AVAILABLE IN JULY 2017
  • Rosemary and Black Pepper Raw Pizza Base

We also have a few new flavours of our regular crackers coming, these will include:

  • Thai Cracker
  • Moroccan Cracker
  • XXX Spice Cracker (yes, very spicy)


We have a new range of energy bars, all quinoa based.  These bars are raw, packaged in re-sealable, compostable bags, and freaking delicious.  We have available Chocolate Energy and Carob Energy, but coming soon are:

  • quinoa energy bar berry
  • quinoa energy bar pumpkin spice


We are developing more chunks, walnuts and extras.  These will all be slow-dehydrated, using all raw ingredients.  We are testing many now- including:

  • Carob Banana Chunks (a chunk with no cacao or nuts)
  • Mango Lime Chunk
  • Apple Cranberry Walnuts (similar to our super-yum walnuts apple cinnamon agave)
  • Autumn Fruits Chunk (apple, plum, sultana)
  • Super-berry Chunk (goji and inca berry)
  • Berry Bliss Chunk (blueberry, cherry and currant)
  • Caramel (date, mesquite, lucuma)
  • Mint Chocolate Chunk



We are working on introducing several more raw, living foods to our product line.  We are playing with four flavours of organic fruit vinegar!  These will be live vinegars, un-heated, un-molested, all with a living mother.  Just like Grandma used to make. Flavours we are considering are:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Banana Vinegar
  • Pineapple Vinegar
  • Mango Vinegar

Now, we have been making these at home for years and they are terrific!  We use them on our salads, when we pickle vegetables, on sandwiches, anywhere!  The best thing, other than the flavour, is that these vinegars are fully living cultures packed with all the nutritional benefits you expect from live foods.



Raw wraps?  Yep.  We are working on raw veggie wraps.  We have several flavours using raw vegies, seeds and nuts.

Also we are considering more traditional 'cooked' wraps and tortillas using spelt, and another one using corn (masa), and another using potato (lefse).  These would be gluten free, no chemical junk, and likely have to be frozen to keep their freshness.



We are playing with a couple of recipes, all non-hydrogenated with no trans fats, 100% expeller pressed organic/non gmo, vegan/dairy free, palm oil free.  These would be an alternative to coconut oil, butter, margarine, neutral tasting and versatile, with a good 3:6:9 fatty acid ratio.  Two versions:

1. Baking Blend

2. Table Spread



One of the original super-foods, this fermented food has been around for millennium!   Initially begun as a way to preserve the summer harvest and provide some greenery in the winter diet, this food is terrific for today.  We love it with all kinds of dishes, on sandwiches, on rice, with meat (if you eat it), wow it goes with everything.  Packed with living cultures, this sauerkraut will be aged here at Kitz, but sold 'young' and still fermenting.  We love it crisp (when it's young), but age it on the counter or the fridge for a while and it mellows.  I have to admit we often have several different aged sauerkrauts around the house, because we just love all the stages of it's life.  Not that we are food-obsessed or anything.

We haven't finalized the flavours we will do yet, but are considering:

  • Traditional/classic
  • Dill
  • Kim Chee (our version of this spicy fermented cabbage-i love the colour, and there will be enough chilli flakes in it to make your eyes water slightly)


Tell us what you think, or send in a request.  We love to talk food.