"Kitz crackers are such a tasty and easy snack for home or out.  We spread with cashew cheese or avocado, for a quick and sustaining snack.  We also use as a side to main meals and break into pieces to use with a dip.  And thanks Kitz for your great range in flavours!!!" Monique C, January 2022

"Just received my order. Am so grateful to you for the careful packaging and little samples. After a crazy week - that’s not yet over - I’m going to enjoy the mint cacao this afternoon. Love your products and buying experience so much. Thank you!" Michelle, November 2021

"I absolutely love Kitz products, particularly their coconut dream bars. They are so unique and the most delicious snack. I have been purchasing from Kitz for years and love all of their products. They offer sample packs so that you can try before you buy a full size which is a super helpful." Danita, July 2021

"I am always looking around for better and healthier products since I started the journey of losing weight and switching to healthier food. What I like most about your product range is that you offer the savoury crackers. The market usually offer mostly sweet bars. Your cracker range is really good alternative, if you are looking for different taste. Kitz Living Food company is using the spice and herb combination really well and I love spices and herbs in any food. I give you credit for that. Keep working on more combinations. If you don’t like spices you can opt for “Gourmet 4 seeds Crackers” as alternative cracker. Of course, I still love the bars for change and your company offers good variety of bars. My next orders will be for the chunks range. I will continue to try the other range of your products as I go. Keep up the good work." Hakan, July 2021

"Thank you for your prompt service. I ordered Thursday 23rd July last week and received delivery this morning 27th. I love the way your emails keep me aware of the delivery process along the way also. Your website is easy to navigate (even for an oldie like me) and love the products." Kerrie, July 2020

"I just wanted to say that you guys are fantastic. Your products are incredible, I just demolished packets of your crackers. I'm about to put another order in. Thank you so much for the free testers! You've got one very happy customer that will consistently be back for more." Peri, July 2020

"I’ve been a regular customer of Kitz Living Foods for many years and the products are consistently of high quality and freshness. I have my favourite products, namely the paleo granola and active nuts, which I make sure I have in good supply at home! The paleo granola is the best part of my breakfast every morning, whether mixed in with my muesli or sprinkled on my winter porridge. The mixture of nuts, berries and seeds is the perfect blend, so unique and tasty. The fig and macadamia chunks and coconut dream slices are a special treat as well. I also love getting the “surprise” samples in my orders! I am a very healthy retiree who has enjoyed a plant based diet for about 30 years, and the Kitz Living Foods products are a very important part of it now." Glenys, April 2020

"I have been buying from Kitz for a while now and love the variety and quality and prices of products on offer- always specials too. I have given products to my family and they love them too- the curry almonds are super." Diane, April 2020

“I love having your products on hand for our quick snacks.  We eat low sugar and low oxalate and these are one of the few take away items my daughter and I can have.” Elise. P, May 2019

"I recently ordered my first batch of Fresh Herb Dulse & Spirulina crackers.  They are scrumptious.  I shall definitely be ordering them regularly.  And a further thank you for the delicious Italian Herbs crackers.  They shall also be ordered again... and again.  It's wonderful to have your products available online.  Thank you for creating such healthy keto/paleo/vegan products.  Best wishes."  Amatullah A, November 2018

"Thank you so much for creating your AMAZING 'real-food' products that not only taste delicious, but are nutrient dense and refined sugar free! I've been a huge fan of Kitz Living Foods products ever since I sampled some of your tasty raw crackers many moons ago! Your products also make terrific gifts my for my friends / family... always a big winner! Some of my personal favourites (and pantry staples) would have to be the Paleo Granola and the Gourmet 4 Seed Crackers because they are just soooooooooooo delicious and super versatile. I eat the Paleo Granola by the handful like a trail-mix snack, I also sprinkle it on my Acai Superfood Bowls, fresh fruit and/or coconut yoghurt, BIG YUMMO!.... in my eyes this product is hands down the "Queen of all the trail-like mixes!" The Gourmet 4 Seed Crackers are my go to bread / cracker replacement, equally fab with savoury or sweet toppings and the perfect accompaniment to a steaming bowl of wholesome soup. So far, my favourite of the sweeter treats, would have to be the Coconut Dream Lime Sublime, the name says it all... this is truly sublime! Thank you also for your consistently great customer service. Keep up the awesome work!"  Kristina S, April 2018

"Just tried the Cranberry Coconut Dream~~~ yummo! Still prefer the incaberry though and your Choc Chip Goji Chunk is AMAZing~!!! Your snacks are actually saving my life." - Stephanie Y, July 2017

"I shared them with a group of friends, and the unanimous vote is that your Coconut Dream Caramel is AMAZING! The Southern BBQ crackers were a personal favourite with guacamole. The Naughty but Nice chunks were also a bit of a dangerous obsession! Have sent my friends to your website! Thanks again!" Jody J, July 2017

"Thank you so much for all the free samples I received with my order today! I cant wait to try everything." - Meg H, August 2017


"Hi I just thought I would let you know that I have finally tried a couple of things from the hamper I won. Firstly the Coconut Dream Lime Sublime is divine, the Active Almonds Cajun are beautiful and the Italian Herb and Garlic crackers are yummy too. The only complaint I have is that my 18 year old daughter has been thieving some of my goodies and now I can't try everything but she admits that Kitz products are great even though she didn't steal any of mine. MMMMM I think she is lying lol. Thanks again"- Karen K, September 2017


"Hello and thank you for your craft! I have been buying your crackers & bases *and now those most amazing ginger and turmeric bars!   My favourite crackers have to be the Tomato & Basil...the Dulse & Spirulina... they are something else all together, a meal in their own right.  They are so full of nourishables.  I eat these with often with nutsy vegan cheese/avo/tomato/mushroom and a homemade dip.  Lastly your turmeric & Ginger bars😊 just perfect, balanced with every texture I could ever want and a wonderful warming feeling and the best portion size!!!  You guys are amazing." - Lei H, December 2017


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