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Broth & Co is a Melbourne family company creating nutritious functional foods to improve wellbeing. The food we eat affects and contributes to our body and our health and we want to make living healthy easier and more convenient for the whole family. 

Coming from the health and fitness industry we combine our knowledge to providing nutrient dense food that is flavourful and easy to consume; made with real food, sourced in Australia and made in Australia. We work with a great team of food producers to create quality, energising, natural bone broths and nutrient dense foods.

Our B&C Bone Broths are Traditional and Asian Inspired, in both liquid and powder for added convenience. Our Vegan Broth is made with the gut healing properties of fermented miso and with the added benefits of adaptogenic mushrooms, Reish, Lion's Mane and Shiitakii Mushrooms.

Our VegEase range for children is a great food hack for fussy little eaters, because we believe everyone can raise Super Kids and now with our VegEase Bars toddlers and big kids can also snack smart. Consuming a variety of vegetables increases microbiome diversity and improves nutrient and fibre intake.

Our IQ.N Collagen Beauty range of powders and health bars with Australian Native superfoods help nourish your skin and health from the inside out. Snack Smart with Smart Snacks.

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