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When you take a bite of our Sour Cherry and Chocolate bar, the texture is like biting into a soft double choc fudge brownie (picture that in slow-mo for a sec).  
Now your taste buds start singing to the chocolate-driven goodness developing in your mouth. But wait! Was that a little sour cherry bomb that just took your taste buds in a different direction?  

Then just when you thought it couldn't get any better, you discover another winning bite. A textural crunch of delightfulness as you stumble upon a little chocolate drop that surprises your senses.

It is at this very moment that you take a sip of your aromatic, nose-tickling, morning coffee! Hold up, hadn't the flavour-development peaked already? Oh how wrong you were. NOW your excitement is at its peak as you realise, that was only your first bite! 

But wait, this is only part one of the process... 


Part One: Eating Process alone gives you a mood-boosting endorphin hit, but now it's time to sit back and let the nutrients, nootropics and adaptogens do their job: sharpened focus and attention, helping you handle anything the day may throw at you, and feeling damn good doing it all too!  

What will you put your mind to after ENJOYING your new best friend, Sour Cherry and Chocolate?