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Raw Activated Almonds and Walnuts

Okay, almonds and walnuts are already good.   What could we possibly due to make them better?  Activating almonds gives them an unbelievable snap that really pushes them over-the-top!  Do you love walnuts but get annoyed by the bitter aftertaste?  Soaking and dehydrating really removes that annoying 'aftershock' from what is really a fabulous nut. 

 At Kitz, we soak our seeds and nuts in filtered water to ‘activate’, or sprout, them.  This sprouting process improves the bio-availability of vitamins and minerals and enhances the digestibility of our finished products.  After the soaking releases the nuts’ enzyme inhibitors, they are rinsed and then dehydrated at low temperatures to lock in optimal flavour, texture and nutrition.  We currently have a range of four yummy flavours of almonds and two flavours of walnuts.  The salt and vinegar almonds are never found half-empty around my desk!  Raw and delicious!