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Raw Crackers

 At Kitz Living Foods, we are crazy about raw crackers.  If you've made these at home, you know how labour intensive they are to make!  But worth it!!  Savoury gluten-free snacks, bread replacement, vehicle for any meal, our labour of love.

All of our crackers are ‘activated’ by an overnight soak in cool filtered water, and then low-temperature dehydrated (below 47º C). They are absolutely packed with flavour and nutrition.  Try them with dips and spreads, or top with your favourite sandwich toppings for a fabulous mealtime treat.  Gluten-free, dairy-free, low carb and vegan!

We have 13 lovely flavours to compliment any meal, plus our newest cracker....

Totally new is our Dulse & Spirulina Raw Pizza Base.  Two large pizza bases, crispy and raw included in each box.  Give them a try and make dinner easy tonight.  Now in 100% compostable packaging (even the bag)!