We’re a company that believes food should be a stress-free nourishing source of fuel that makes you feel really damn good! But that’s often forgotten in the food industry - most food is filled with chemicals, fillers and nasties. For us, and many millions more, this type of food caused us health issues, without us even being aware. After struggling for years with chronic IBS triggered by our diet, we decided enough was enough. Food should make us feel better, not worse, right?!
We spent months - if not years - researching methods to alleviate our gut issues: from pharmaceuticals, to natural supplements, to mind-body healing and so much more. What we landed on, and what made all the difference, was adjusting our diets (without adhering to strict fads). We said goodbye to all the toxic chemicals and refined ingredients and started eating abundantly. We adopted a diet rich in nutrients, pre and probiotics and vitamins that supported - rather than impacted - our health. It all fell into place after that. Our gut healed, our zest for life returned and eating healthy became easy, without the stress!

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