Kitz News


Simplified Shipping!

October 22 2013
9$ flat rate nationwide, free shipping on orders over $150. Pretty simple, eh?

New Chewy Choc and Banana Coconut shape

August 14 2013
We have slightly altered the shape of our popular moist chunks, Chewy Choc Fudge and Banana Cocon...

New location of batch # and 'best before' date

July 18 2013
Please note the new location of our batch # and 'best before' date.  It is no longer on the ...

Coconut Dream is ready!

July 1 2013
 New! Now ready are our 100% organic Coconut Dream bars in four fabulous flavours. Not ...

Apricot Almond recipe change

June 24 2013
 Because our recipe update of Pineapple Pepita was so successful (remember we doubled the am...

Now using organic herbs

May 6 2013
 Not totally satisfied with our former herb supplier, we are now using certified organic her...

More (organic) Pineapple

April 4 2013
 If a little bit of pineapple is good, would a lot be better?  We think so!  We ha...

Chia is back

January 21 2013
 Kitz has found a new supply of Organic Chia and we are excited to have it back in our produ...