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Simplified Shipping!

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9$ flat rate nationwide, free shipping on orders over $150. Pretty simple, eh?

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New Chewy Choc and Banana Coconut shape

activated dairy free gluten free Kitz new organic raw vegan

We have slightly altered the shape of our popular moist chunks, Chewy Choc Fudge and Banana Coconut!  The new, thinner profile is helping us keep it 'just right' when it comes to moistness.  Fans who love the rich, moist chewy-ness will not be disappointed with the new shape.  The flavours are the same, but the texture is slightly improved.  Our taste testers agree!  We hope you do too...  

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New location of batch # and 'best before' date

dairy free fresh gluten free new raw special vegan

Please note the new location of our batch # and 'best before' date.  It is no longer on the back label, but heat stamped on the top of the bag.  Our new Venus heat sealer stamps the date and batch number while sealing the tops of the bags.  Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the new process.

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Coconut Dream is ready!

coconut gluten free Kitz new organic salt free

 New! Now ready are our 100% organic Coconut Dream bars in four fabulous flavours. Not totally raw, but totally delicious! We had to share these with you.  See product pages for details on these irresistable snacks.    

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Apricot Almond recipe change

activated dairy free gluten free Kitz new nuts organic raw seeds vegan

 Because our recipe update of Pineapple Pepita was so successful (remember we doubled the amount of pineapple in the recipe!), we decided to improve Apricot Almond the same way.  I really couldn't taste the apricot in this chunk, and i love apricots!  So we increased the apricots, until they were double the old amount.  Even though apricots are not assertive, there is now enough in this chunk that i am satisfied!  We've also changed the base from buckwheat to sunflower seeds, so that it is more like Fig and Macadamia Chunk. Our taste testers agree it is a success!  We...

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